Meal Planning

I have a lot of people that want to know how I get it all done! Honestly I don’t know. I put a lot of pressure on myself to get things done and have an extremely hard time sitting still. If I sit still, I’m often thinking of all the other things I should be doing other than sitting there.

When it comes to dinner though, it is very important to both my husband and I that we eat dinner as a family as often as possible. We don’t normally eat breakfast or lunch together unless it’s on the weekend. But dinner is the one time of day that we can sit down as a family and just relax while eating a delicious meal.

We eat as a family usually every night of the week. Yes, 7 days a week! I told you it was important to us. We all have different roles when it comes to dinner. I cook, unless it has to do with the smoker, than that’s my husband’s job. My husband does the dishes. My son will get drinks for everyone and clear the table. Then my daughter sets the table.

We are a pretty busy family. My husband and I own Beard Care Club together. My husband also has a full time job. Then our son plays soccer year round and our daughter takes horseback riding lessons.

I definitely don’t want to eat out every meal, so meal planning is essential! Every week I will sit down and write out our grocery list. I start off by listing the days of the week I am grocery shopping for. Before making my list, I’ll make notes of any activities that we have during the week so I can plan meals accordingly. If we have a soccer game one evening, then we might have a meal from the crock pot. On Sundays, we usually have a little bit of a bigger spread so I plan accordingly.

If you want to create a little more structure to your meal and dinnertime, start with a meal plan. It will definitely make the week easier. You’ll know what ingredients you have on and what you have planned for dinner. I’ll be posting my meal plan every week, along with links to the recipes I use when available.


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